Thursday, October 4, 2007

A game is in progress on the occassion of Teachers Day in the quandangle.
The staff -Independence Day Parade

Class XII Paasing out batch in the Quandrangle April 2007

Cadets taking part in the Adventure sports in the Campus
Cadets from class VIII to XII underwent parasailing experience

School Captain,School Vice Captain and Mess Captain dining in the Mess

Two Cadets engrossed in studies

The School Band provides rhyme and rhythm for the
marching contingent in the parade ground

Mess furniture is new. Easy to use and maintain.

School Anniversary Special Lunch

The students hostels- the home for the Cadets

Clean and painted hostels for ambitious Cadets.
The pits are meant for plants around the hostels.

Inside of the hostels.Cadets take out some time
to do their bit to preserve nature

All Cadets are trained to learn four styles of swimming

The campus has a neatly laid net work of double roads

Cadets are trained to master the skilss of Horse riding.
There are eight horses in the School Stable with a
Master trainer from the Indian Army

The Cadets Dormitory for a good nights sleep

An Ecological Innitiative-Plants everywhere

Marata Light Infantry Regimental Centre Band
The Music band played in the Campus for School Anniversary( Sept 2006)

A game of Volley ball in Progress

Cadet Ajjappa Memorial trophy instituted by his Classmates

The Legendary SSBJ Hockey team win the Inter Zonal
Hockey Championship for the Seventh Time.

Yakshagana was played in the campus
by the troup `Yaksha Manjusha`